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Top-Selling Journals for Physical and Mental Health

Looking After Yourself

If you want to start using a journal for health purposes, it all starts with the type of journal you use.

You can definitely use any kind of journal or notebook you want, but here are 6 recommendations for different styles of journaling.

1. When You Are on a Budget

This first journal pack is great if you are on a budget and plan to do a lot of writing. 

200 Ruled Pages
80 gsm White Paper
Each Page Is Margined
Size: A5 

It is an excellent deal when you are first getting started. These blank
journals work great for any style of journaling, and will keep you writing as much as you

2. The Best Journal for Self-care

The next option is great if your health goal is practicing more self-care. For self-care, ti
helps to have a journal with prompts that tell you what to write about in figuring out your
self-care routine and journey. The Self-Care journal is meant for 90 days of changes to
your life so you can commit more to yourself.

3. A Journal for Diet and Fitness

If you want to start using a journal to track your health goals, particularly with your diet
and exercise routine, then the Life and Apples Wellness Planner is a great option for
you. This is also a 90-day planner, but it is not dated, so you can start it at any time.

The planner allows you to record for your diet and fitness each day, including your meal
plan, weight, fitness, and gratitude. There are 7 colors to choose from.

4. 5-Minute Gratitude Journal

There are a few different 5-minute journals you can use, but if you want to practice
gratitude, this is the one for you. Gratitude journals allow you to write what you are
thankful for, without needing to include it in your regular daily journal. It is another
reminder about how important gratitude is for your health and wellbeing.

5. A Guided Journal (adults only)

This guided journal is amazing for learning how to let things go, but it also has a lot of
curse words, so that is something to keep in mind. The “Let That Sh*t Go” journal is
about releasing whatever is causing anxiety, anguish, or anger inside o your mind.
There are a variety of writing prompts and activities that help you to finally let go and
live your life.

5. 5-Minute Journal for Morning Writing

If you intend to have a short stream of consciousness writing session when you wake
up in the morning, your best bet is to start with the original Five Minute Journal. This is
also a guided journal, with prompts that help you to say what you are grateful for, create
lists and plans, and find happiness in just 5 minutes a day.

6. For All Your Journaling Ideas

This is a blank journal that can be used for just about any style of journaling, and
happens to be one of the most popular options sold on Amazon. Vegan nice faux leather cover and slighter thicker paper.


Fancy a free pdf journal to download and keep to start you off?

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