Budget Saving A5 4x Printables – pink


In my Signature Style of fun blobs these Four Printables will help you with your saving goals.

These are a printable – you download and print at home or at a copy shop – Print 2 pages on a A4 page – cut in the middle and add your filofax/binder holes if needed or just use on a clipboard – These are A5 size.

Use for Christmas Gift and Party planning, Holidays, Business Startup Ideas, Early Retirement Planning and Self Care Pamper Days – even emergency funds to help you keep your life organised and stress free.

*** What – Why – When to help you figure out your savings plan – it helps to have a why when there are so many other distractions and unexpected bills pop up!
*** Goal Planning Sheet to help you figure out the steps to reach your Savings Goal – what steps will help you get there quicker?
*** Expense List – what are the components of the savings plan – ie: holiday= plain ticket, travel to hotel, clothing, food, dining out, gifts to buy for loved one!
*** Budget Tracker – weekly/monthly budgets to help you find gaps in your spending to help you save more.