Affirmation Posters – Summer Blobs – Four Designs


Positive Affirmation Posters x 4 designs.
These are a printable – you download and print at home or at a copy shop – you can print them double sided to save paper and easy to switch to different affirmation!

These can be printed any size from A6, A4 or even A3!

There are four designs –

*** Progress not Perfection***
*** New Day New Start***
*** You don’t owe anyone perfection***
***You are the boss of your life***

A great gift for anyone; yourself or a friend to keep them positive and ontrack with their own goals and plans  – starting or thinking of starting a side hustle or small business then these can help you stop the perfectionism that can plague many people.

All part of your self care.

See the Greeting Cards and Bookmarks if you prefer a different format.