2023 Digital Planner- hyperlinked months & days – Mint Green


This 2023 fully hyperlinked digital planner features a very simple, clean Green colour throughout with Yearly, Monthly and daily pages all hyperlinked. The index page has quick links to every section including the optional extra pages that you can insert where ever you need.

This is a nice clear and simple 2023 planner that isn’t over packed.

Yearly Overview – 2023 Hyperlinked to every day – 2024 date reference page (not hyperlinked)
Monthly Overview with hyperlinked dates.
Daily Pages with hyperlinked calendar on every page.
Goal Overview of the year
Goal Overview of different areas of your life
2 x List pages – one with hex colour codes to help you co-ordinate with the planner if you choose.
Goal page to help you break down your main goal
2 x Habit Trackers – one circle and one grid style
Lined Page
Blank Page
Grid Page
Dotted Page

Portrait format.

Other colours and styles coming soon as well as Landscape versions