New Website being built!
New Website being built!
Faith's Birthday Giveaway 2022

It’s Faith’s Birthday week and she is hosting a BIG giveaway with 50 friends & colleagues giving their best printable products & PLR to you for FREE!

25 April to 1 May

You can sign up for either the PLR Goodie Bag or the Personal Use Goodie bag and choose which specific products you want to download for free.

Of course, you are welcome to get BOTH goodie bags, too! Just sign up for both forms below and the goodies will be unveiled to you and you get download them right away!

You will also receive the URL to the Goodie Bag Redemption pages via email after you sign up so you can always come back to them.
But you HAVE to download all the gifts that you want by 1 May 2022.

Faith's Biz Academy

The buttons are affiliate links - but you don't have to pay anything - there will be opportunities to get big discount on the individual sellers products.

Just a few of the personal use freebies available

Just a few of the PLR (Private Label Rights) freebies available

PLR (private label rights) is a great way to kick start your small business – from giving out free ebooks, printables and others it can help people get a feel of what you sell or service you provide.

They are basically templates that you change to fit your business needs (or personal needs!), add your branding colours, information and rewrite the text. 

I have loads of PLR – I find they can help with the blank page effect of not knowing where to start. I then change so much that it’s doesn’t resemble the PLR at all – I’ve worked in design and graphic industries so I prefer to redesign most of it myself. But I do fins some items are useful because they can give you the right size and proportions or even for instance and e-book, what chapters you can start with and what you need to add.

These work if you are not a graphic hobbyist or professional designer and have a business that is information based. Sometimes you need a little help to lay it all out for you to find your style and get things started.


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